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FeyRosė Fusion

Professional Fusion Bellydancer

I’m a qualified Belly Dance Instructor offering personalized lessons and instruction to students online and in person. I’ve been teaching people of all ages and experience levels and love what I do. In person classes are held weekly in San Diego, CA and workshops too.

I am also a musician!  I have been playing music and making music for over 40 years! Check out my CD's or find me on your choice of music applications!

My Story

I’ve been working as a professional Belly Dance Instructor for a long time and can honestly say I can’t think of anything else that would bring me such joy every day. I love working with students of all ages and abilities and get so much satisfaction from seeing how they grow and develop in their skills and performance. For more information, contact me today. 

Snake Dancer Feyrosė
Bellydance with me! Feyrosė
Nikkal FeyRosé

Bellydance with me! Feyrosė

Join My Online Bellydance Classes Today Bellydance is more than just a dance form; it's an expression of femininity and empowerment. Unleash your inner goddess from the comfort of your own home with my online bellydance classes! My classes are designed to help not only improve your physical fitness but also tap into your divine energy and boost your confidence. From the sultry movements of the hips to the graceful undulations of the arms, bellydance can help you connect with your body and embrace your curves. * Improved posture and core strength: Bellydance movements engage your abs, hips, and lower back, helping to tone and strengthen these areas while improving your posture. * Increased flexibility: Many bellydance movements involve stretching and bending, which can help improve your flexibility over time. * Boosted confidence: Learning a new skill and connecting with your body through bellydance can help boost your self-confidence and body positivity. * Reduced stress and anxiety: The meditative nature of bellydance movements can help you relax and reduce stress and anxiety. But what sets my online bellydance classes apart from other programs? For starters, I have been extensively trained in the art of bellydance and I have years of experience teaching students of all levels. My classes are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all body types, diversity and skill levels, so whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, you'll find a supportive community in my online classes. Plus, my online format means you can join these classes from anywhere in the world, at any time that's convenient for you. Whether you want to start your day with a morning shimmy or wind down with an evening dance session, my classes are available 24/7 to fit your schedule. And let's not forget the fun factor. Bellydance is a playful and joyful form of exercise that can make you feel divine. My classes incorporate a variety of music and dance styles, from traditional Middle Eastern rhythms to modern pop songs, so you'll never get bored. So, are you ready to unleash your inner divine and join my online bellydance classes? Join me today!
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